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    Fun With Numbers

    How to value & finance real estate property
    by Adam Taggart

    Thursday, April 4, 2019, 12:45 PM


    If you've not been watching our Real Estate investing webinar series, you're missing out on a wealth of learning.

    Our last episode, Episode #3, received rave reviews. It was a 2-hour romp through the math involved in valuing real estate property. Russell Gray does an excellent job de-mystifying the numbers for newbies and the math-phobic, walking through the calculations and showing how virtually anyone can derive empirical answers to questions like:

    • What's a fair value for this property? Is it under/overvalued?
    • What's my expected return if I purchase this property?
    • What are the investments can I make that will have the biggest impact on increasing my equity? Or my income?

    Don't forget to register for our upcoming Episode #4, in which Russ will build on his earlier material, explaining how to secure capital for investment property, how leverage can be used (prudently, not recklessly) to increase your returns, and what tax implications (and often benefits) to expect.

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    © Andrea Crisante | Dreamstime.com

    Europe is Drowning Under Too Much Government

    Its banks are being increasingly propped up by the U.S.
    by Alasdair Macleod

    Monday, March 4, 2013, 7:52 PM


    The Christmas and New Year's break, when Europe shuts down and stops thinking, is now well and truly over, and we are reawakening to the same old problems: Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, France…all with their hands out for money from Germany, Holland, Finland, and Austria.

    The holiday from the banking crisis, which was the result of the determination of the ECB to put a lid on it, is also over, with yields on the supplicant countries’ debt rising again.

    However, joining the bad news list is the United Kingdom. Ominously, the pound is sliding in the foreign exchange markets, providing a very tricky background for Chancellor Osborne’s budget on March 20th. I shall examine the UK’s position later, but first let’s update ourselves on developments in the Eurozone.

    The reality is that all the problems of the Eurozone are still with us, despite the fall in bond yields and their modest subsequent recovery. There is now the likelihood that we are about to enter the final phase of the end of the Eurozone experiment, with far wider consequences. So we need to pick up the story where we left off.

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    Daily Digest – August 8

    by Davos

    Saturday, August 8, 2009, 2:55 PM

    •  Misdisinformation
    • Hunger hits Detroit’s middle class (H/T Yashash)
    • Peter Schiff on Health Care & Don’t Put Words In My Mouth, (Video, H/T Spilldenmark)
    • Max Keiser – On Criminal Banking Syndicates, Moral Hazard, (Video on page)
    • Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University, Crisis, Economic and Environmental and others (FORATV Video)
    • From Calculated Risk, Google Maps does foreclosures
    • TrimTabs Unemployment (Video on page)
    • Bankrupt: Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Upda

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    Daily Digest – Feb 21

    by Davos

    Saturday, February 21, 2009, 1:57 PM

    • Volcker "Mother of all Financial Crisis"
    • Crisis of "Credit"
    • Breaking a Barrier to Lending (Proposed Solution to Shadow Banking)
    • Soros, No Bottom, More Severe Than During the Great Depression
    • Economic collapse severity intensifying
    • Gartman Sees Gold as World’s ‘Second Reserve Currency’
    • Get Ready for Mass Retail Closings
    • Gone in 60 Days: Citi and Bank of America Won’t Live to See May
    • Week 8, Bank #14
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    Daily Digest – Jan 26

    by Davos

    Monday, January 26, 2009, 12:08 PM

    • Country Default Risk Continues to Rise
    • Nationalization Gets a New, Serious Look
    • Summers Says Economy Entering a ‘Difficult’ Time
    • Office of the Special Inspector General Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP)/Congressman Bachus (Letter)
    • Lending Less (Table of the biggest recipients of U.S. capital saw loan volumes decline in Q4)
    • Roach: Worst is Ahead for the US (Video)
    • Another Lay-off Shock: Caterpillar (CAT) To Cut 20,000
    • Report: Birth Rates Fall In Tough Economy
    • Six Errors on the Path to the Financial Crisis
    • Gold Bubble Could Be Quite A Bubble, If It Takes Off (Hat Tip Jeff Borsuk)
    • Wasting Time At Davos
    • Governors seek concessions from public workers
    • No New News: Banks Won’t Lend Money 
    • Did Americans think the US economy had bottomed in 1933? 
    • Tax law changes and banking
    • The "Wells Fargo Ruling"
    • (Letter) From FAF (Financial Accounting Foundation) to Barney Frank
    • SEC Altering the Rules
    • (Fast Track) FASB Amends Fair Value Measurements
    • (Fast Track) SEC Begins Mark-to-Market Study
    • (Fast Track) FASB Speeds up Fair Value Advice
    • (Financial
      Opinionators Say) By Relaxing "Mark-to-Market" Rules, Has the U.S.
      Switched Off its Financial Crisis Early Warning System?
    • (Recent News) Does Fair Value Accounting + Credit Default Swaps = Global Deflation?
    • Time to Unravel the Knot of Credit-Default Swaps  

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