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    David Stockman: The World Economy Is At An Epochal Pivot

    A 'Great Reset' approaches
    by Adam Taggart

    Friday, August 10, 2018, 11:00 PM


    David Stockman warns that the global economy has reached an "epochal pivot", a moment when the false prosperity created from $trillions in printed money by the world's central banks lurches violently into reverse.

    Stockman's main warning is that there's no bid underneath this market — that when perception shifts from greed to fear, the bottom is much farther down than most investors realize. In his words, it's "rigged for implosion".
    He predicts a Great Reset is imminent. One that, for those who see it coming and take prudent action today, will offer tremendous, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime, investment opportunity once the dust settles.

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    Farmer Phil’s Permaculture: The Original Permaculture Children’s Book

    Free book for Peak Prosperity readers!
    by Phil Williams

    Monday, July 6, 2015, 10:25 PM


    Most of the permaculture books and material you see is geared toward adults with at least a basic knowledge of the design science. My wife Denise and I feel strongly that children are under served in the permaculture world.

    This is why we wrote a permaculture children’s picture book. This book is a great way to introduce young children to permaculture concepts. It is the original and the only permaculture children’s storybook in existence. As a thank you to Peak Prosperity readers, I am giving away a free PDF of the book for everyone to try. The download is at the bottom of this article.

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    © Mathew Hayward | Dreamstime.com

    Raising Kids for a Resilient Future – Part III

    Part 3 of 3: Preparing youth for a resilient adulthood
    by Amanda Witman

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 12:09 AM


    The next 20 years are going to be completely unlike the last 20 years.

    ~ Chris Martenson

    For those of us with children, what does this statement mean? How do we prepare our children for a future that is unlike any we ourselves have ever known? How do we create a world worth inheriting when we are so acutely aware that the abundance our generation has taken for granted will no longer be a given in our children’s future? These questions can frustrate and even paralyze us as parents, grandparents, teachers, and mentors. Where do we start?

    If you haven’t yet read Part I and Part II of this series, please take a few minutes to read them now.

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  • What Should I Do?
    © Mathew Hayward | Dreamstime.com

    Raising Kids for a Resilient Future

    Part 1 of 3: Navigating the path ahead
    by Peak Prosperity Admin

    Monday, June 17, 2013, 5:45 PM


    We are heading into a future that does not follow the rules and expectations that the past few generations have been raised to expect.  Parents and caregivers, relatives, friends, mentors – it makes no difference; we are raising the current generation together.  We are all newcomers to this changing landscape.  How can we teach young people to thrive in a future we do not yet fully understand ourselves?

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    Answering Reader Q&A

    Market crash risk, homesteading tips & other topics
    by Adam Taggart

    Saturday, June 1, 2013, 3:52 PM


    As usual, we asked for questions and you delivered in spades.

    In today's podcast, Chris and I are joined by Chris' wife, Becca, in answering a number of the questions posed on this site this week.

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    Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game

    Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game

    A cooperative board game
    by Jason

    Saturday, February 2, 2013, 12:34 AM


    A fun game my kids got for the holidays that provides a lot of learning opportunities for the whole family.  Thanks to Adam's misfortune with poison oak and readers comments on cures, I actually new the best use for Jewelweed while playing the game. 

    Here is the Amazon description: 

    Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game is a cooperative board game that teaches edible and medicinal Plants. Wildcraft! teaches 25 important edible and medicinal plants and their uses in mostly first aid situations. (Wildcrafting is the harvesting of wild plants). Players learn about plants by connecting the icon on the challenge or "trouble" cards with the icons on the plant cards. If a player has a "burdock" card in their herb basket and draws a "hungry" card, then the player can turn the cards in and move to the next rest space. Though it is a cooperative game, there is plenty of strategy and drama as players travel up the mountain to the Huckleberry Patch and back to Grandma's before nightfall. The only way to get back safely is to help each other out. However, it's ok if you don't make it. Grandma will come and get you. 🙂 Wildcraft! is a great introduction to the world of edible and medicinal herbs for children of ALL ages. It's a beautifully illustrated, nature based, educational, cooperative game created in the tradition of the classic board games. Kids love the "Chutes and Ladders" type of play.Wildcraft! features storytelling and fosters the imagination. It's one of the best natures games, being that it connects kids to nature. It's an herb game and an educational game. Wildcraft! includes a 20×20 inch game board, instructions, 4 player pieces, 52 plant cards, 52 trouble cards, 25 cooperative cards, and a spinner. It also comes with a downloadable story to enhance the story of the game. Wildcraft! is made in the U.S.A. and made with green materials. It was chosen one of the Top Natural Toys of 2008 by Mothering Magazine. One to four players, ages 4 to adult. No prior knowledge of plants or herbs is needed. No reading is required for younger players.

    A great gift for the young people in your life: Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game, a cooperative board game

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  • What Should I Do?

    Raising Children in Changing Times

    by DianneM

    Friday, July 1, 2011, 9:44 PM


    If you have children in your life – as a parent, grandparent, educator, or in any other way, the question of “What Should I Do?” takes on a particular urgency. You have likely asked yourself how you can enable them to navigate the complex and uncertain times ahead – to greet the future with creativity, flexibility, resilience, and joy.

    “How can we nurture and raise our children so they can grow into adults who are able to survive, thrive, and contribute to shaping a new and different future?” is how I pose this question to myself as I look into the hopeful eyes of the children whose lives I have the opportunity to touch through my work.

    If you have found your way to this website, you already know that the “rules” are about to change; in fact, they are already changing. You already know that most people in our society are not yet aware of the depth of these changes. 

    The old paradigm of our culture, based on limitless growth, endless acquisition, and the belief that more is always better, is rapidly changing as we run up against the limits of a finite planet. Some people, myself among them, question whether these were ever genuine markers of what a good life means.

    Already some people are beginning to create a new story about what a good life can mean, exploring ways we can live in mutual relationship with our planet, rather than viewing it as something to be exploited.


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