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  • Podcast

    G. Edward Griffin: Exposing The Creature From Jekyll Island

    Hard truths from the man who wrote the book on the Fed
    by Adam Taggart

    Sunday, April 23, 2017, 7:25 PM


    G. Edward Griffin, the author of the seminal book on the formation of the Federal Reserve, The Creature of Jekyll Island, joins the podcast this week to add his perspective to our ongoing critical examination of the Fed and the impact its actions are having on society.

    Ed's decades of research and critique of the Federal Reserve, sadly, have left him with conclusions that corroborate our own. Despite its carefully-crafted image as an essential public servant, Griffin concludes it is anything but. It is a private cartel that has connived its way to tremendous advantage and power, secretly (and not-so-secretly) plundering the American people of their treasure and freedoms.

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  • Blog

    Straight Talk with G. Edward Griffin: What’s Coming Next Isn’t Pretty

    by Adam Taggart

    Monday, November 29, 2010, 6:19 PM


    “Straight Talk” features thinking from notable minds who you, the audience, have indicated that you want to learn more about.  Readers submit the questions they want addressed and our guests take their best crack at answering. The comments and opinions expressed by our guests are their own.

    This week’s Straight Talk contributor is G. Edward Griffin — political lecturer, film producer, and author.  In his best-known book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, Griffin details how money is created and exposes the anything-but-boring history of how the Federal Reserve came into being. The book provides one of the best explanations of how our monetary system works, as well as a prescient foreshadowing of the Fed’s bailout of the financial system at taxpayer expense.  

    1. Practically everything that you outlined in your book The Creature From Jekyll Island has come to pass.  Bailouts, increased centralization of power, all of it.  Now what happens?  We are having a hard time envisioning the current debt-based fiat money system surviving for much longer (let alone forever).  If not fiat money, then what?   What are the next moves for those who might wish to see the continuation of their extremely lucrative franchise?

    GEG:   What happens next also is portrayed in my book, and it isn’t pretty.

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