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    Daily Digest – Feb 4

    by Davos

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 1:14 AM

    • IBM Offers To Move Laid Off Workers To India
    • President Obama to water down ‘Buy American’ plan after EU trade war threat 
    • California Pension Funds Close To Bankruptcy
    • California issues IOUs instead of cheques
    • Hundreds line up for days for Miami firefighter positions 
    • U.S. Property Owners Lost $3.3 Trillion in Home Value 
    • Ford US sales plunge 40 pct., Toyota down 32 pct.
    • GM (GM) January Sales: Odds Of Chapter 11 Go Way Up
    • Chart, Auto Sales
    • Chart, US Vehicle Sales
    • Chart, New Home Sales
    • Pending Home Sales… Foreclosure Boom (Chart in article)
    • Chart, Homeowner Vacancy Rate
    • U.S. Home Ownership Rate Falls to 7-Year Low 
    • Funny Colbert Report Video 
    • U.S. Dollar 
    • Treasury to Outline Bank Plan Next Week 
    • The Economy and the Future of Health Care (Hat Tip Christopher Peters) 

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