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    Interview with Pierre Kory

    “This Is War”: An Interview with Pierre Kory

    Power structures ignore the science
    by Chris Martenson

    Friday, October 15, 2021, 3:20 PM


    The famed and much celebrated pulmonologist Dr. Pierre Kory sits down with Chris for another intimate and powerfully honest discussion about his work as an ICU doc on the front lines of the COVID pandemic for nearly the last 2 years. Kory dives into the intense struggles he has faced treating critically ill and desperate patients with severe COVID, while simultaneously doing battle with the nihilistic ideologues who dominate the massive, bureaucratic governmental structures such as the CDC, NIH, WHO, etc.

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    bowl of cherry tomatoes being passed from gloved hands to hands

    Daily Digest 8/4 — Progress for Local Food in the State Houses; Biden Administration Issues New Eviction Moratorium

    by Whitney

    Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 9:28 AM


    Economy Biden Administration Issues New Eviction Moratorium – Wall Street Journal Move came after protest at Capitol by progressives urging action by White House. Sanofi Snaps Up mRNA Specialist for $3.2 Billion Amid Vaccine Success – Wall Street Journal French pharmaceutical giant is one of several companies investing in the technology after it brought the…

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    Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash

    Daily Digest 7/21 — France Forced to Soften Rules after Coronavirus Green Pass Backlash; Massive Wildfires in US West Bring Haze to East Coast

    by Whitney

    Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 8:05 AM


    Economy Chinese Suppliers to Apple, Nike Shun Xinjiang Workers as U.S. Forced-Labor Ban Looms – Wall Street Journal Chinese factories that supply Apple Inc. and Nike Inc. and make other products sold in the U.S. are shunning workers from Xinjiang, as Western countries increase scrutiny of forced labor from the remote northwestern region where Beijing…

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    Photo by Ryk Porras on Unsplash

    Daily Digest 7/16 — Shipping container shortage inflicts pain on German shoppers; Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs

    by Whitney

    Friday, July 16, 2021, 3:04 PM


    Economy Shipping container shortage inflicts pain on German shoppers Europe’s new tax on high-carbon imports is bad news for China South Africa looting: I’m struggling to find food Hunger sweeps India in Covid’s shadow as millions miss out on rations Cuba’s Shockwave From the Street Environment MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This…

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    thermometer with high outdoor temperature Photo by Jarosław Kwoczała on Unsplash

    Daily Digest 7/12 — Record Setting ‘Heat Dome’ Could Keep West Sizzling All Week as Wildfires Burn; Hundreds of Thai Health Workers Who Received Sinovac Shots Infected With COVID-19…

    by Whitney

    Monday, July 12, 2021, 9:35 AM


    Environment Record setting ‘heat dome’ could keep West sizzling all week as wildfires burn The record-breaking heat across much of the West was easing somewhat Monday, but a “heat dome” means temperatures could remain well above average highs all week, forecasters say. Making tough decisions: Southwest Montana farmers and ranchers forge through drought So far this year,…

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    Achieving Full Functional Health

    Dr Rich Stagliano breaks down the key steps for success
    by Adam Taggart

    Saturday, January 9, 2021, 6:48 AM


    Executive Summary

    • Dr. Rich Stagliano’s recommended behaviors for improving functional health via better:
      • Fitness
      • Nutrition
      • Sleep hygiene
      • Stress management

    If you have not yet read Part 1: How To Lose Weight, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans who felt fine last January are now no longer with us, felled by COVID. Thousands more ‘long haulers‘ are realizing they may never regain the normalcy of life they had before the pandemic.

    So at the start of this new year, when most of us still energized to follow through on our resolutions for 2021, Peak Prosperity is sharing the most valuable investment advice we know of: how practically anyone can materially and sustainably improve their health.

    To get educated and inspired, watch this presentation by functional health expert Rich Stagliano, M.D., from our recent Peak Prosperity seminar.

    Dr Stagliano details the key actions and underlying science that will help you feel better & younger, strengthen your immune system as well as…



    Why is this full report restricted to Peak Prosperity’s premium subscribers? Two main reasons:

    One — we reserve our best analysis and most directive guidance for the paying members whose financial support makes operating this site possible. Also, given that some of this material is our “best guess” thinking or can be overly revealing of the details of our personal actions, we’re only willing to share that with this private audience. We wouldn’t feel comfortable having that level of speculative/private information out in the public realm.

    And Two — one of the many benefits of premium membership is closer access to the experts on this site.

    If you’re not yet a premium member but would like to become one and access this full report,  as well as *all* of our premium content, click the button below to subscribe:


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    Fat Man, Fit Man

    How To Lose Weight

    Health is the best investment you can make in 2021
    by Adam Taggart

    Saturday, January 9, 2021, 6:48 AM


    If you’re like most of the people around the world who had their lives rocked by the COVID pandemic, staying healthy in 2021 is likely one of your resolutions for the coming year.

    And if so, ‘losing weight’ is probably on your list.

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    Losing Hope? Focus On Gaining Life Instead.

    As our "leaders" fail us, we can seize control of our own destiny
    by Chris Martenson

    Friday, September 4, 2020, 8:54 PM


    This is the story that I really want to tell.

    It’s a story of infinite exponential growth on a finite planet.

    It’s a tale rooted in energy; in many ways it’s really the story of Life.

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    A Survival Guide For 2019

    How to safely navigate the 'Year Of Instability'
    by Adam Taggart

    Friday, February 1, 2019, 3:24 PM


    With the bursting of the Everything Bubble, we declared last year as the 'Year Everything Changed'. This will be the 'Year of Instability', possibly preceding an upcoming 'Year Of Woe' in 2020.

    But look, we're not saying the world is the process of ending imminently. It's just that we've entered the part of the timeline when things are going to start to get really rocky.

    And we think it's much more useful to think of 2019 as the 'Year Resilience Matters'. It shifts the focus away from fear and instead towards the many things you can do to protect yourself and those you care about – and even to position yourself to prosper through the coming challenges.

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