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    Image by xmatt, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 4/9 – Doctors Driven To Bankruptcy, Mislabeled Tuna In Stores

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 3:22 PM

    • Doctors Driven To Bankruptcy
    • Nearly 25% of Canadian nurses wouldn't recommend their hospital
    • PoliceOne Gun Control Survey: Are legally-armed citizens the best solution to gun violence?
    • RBC’s now tarnished reputation tangled up in government crosshairs
    • North Korea – a country never at peace
    • Japan increasingly nervous about nukes as North Korea warns they will ‘pay a dear price’ for backing U.S. 
    • Don Pittis: Iron Lady's economic secret was really crude, oil that is
    • Green Living is a Necessity, Not a Luxury: Interview with Dan Shapley
    • Think You're Eating Tuna? Think Again
    • Stroll’s 2013 Locavore Index Ranks States in Terms of Commitment to Local Foods

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    Selecting a Firearm

    by Aaron M

    Thursday, November 17, 2011, 5:04 PM


    [Note: today’s WSID topic has been a long time in coming. Firearms can be a sensitive subject, but worth considering for many when planning for food procurement or home/personal defense in a changing future. We sought an author who could provide an introduction to the subject in as conscientious, fact-oriented, and knowledgeable a manner as possible, and are grateful to community member Aaron Moyer for doing so. Aaron is a longtime active poster on this site, the founder of our Definitive Firearms thread, and an active-duty serviceman in the US armed forces. –Adam] 

    This is one of the more difficult pieces of writing I’ve done to date. There are various reasons why this topic is difficult to start; everyone has a different idea of what they need, their level of commitment, legal concerns, political pre-dispositions and so forth. It’s easy to talk about firearms as a ‘topic’ – you can comment on their particulars, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and wax philosophical about what would be the best choice for a given situation — but that’s not what this edition is about.

    This piece is to help navigate the process that starts once you’ve decided you’d like to purchase a firearm, and leads to the ongoing process of establishing proficiency, maintaining safety and building skill.

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    Protecting Yourself Against Crime and Violence

    by thc0655

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 2:51 AM

    Note: This post deals with personal security, one of the most asked-for topics by this community. However, we realize it is a sensitive if not scary topic for some. The intent here is have an open and mature exploration of an important subject. Please respect the author’s efforts to do just that.
    My wife and I live in Philadelphia on the “green line” between mostly-prosperous Center City and mostly-wasteland North Philadelphia. People are very aware of crime around here, as you might imagine, and many people have taken numerous steps to avoid becoming victims. That being said, I am still surprised on a nearly daily basis how unprepared and unaware some people are. (I’m a Police Sergeant, so I see many people who have been caught off guard by criminals. And that’s a very important first tip: If the criminal cannot catch you off guard and unprepared, he’s most likely going to pick a different victim. But that doesn’t account for intoxicated/drugged criminals, very inexperienced criminals, and professional criminals.)  

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