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    Brian Yurasits

    Daily Digest 10/16 – Good News Friday: Canada is Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags

    by Daily Digest

    Friday, October 16, 2020, 12:56 PM

    • Community garden provides refugees with support and comfort through pandemic
    • Thousands Arrive in Hawaii on First Day Pre-Travel Testing
    • Shoppers Came Back To Department Stores In September, Lifting Retail Sales
    • The first room-temperature superconductor has finally been found
    • How Transparent Solar Panels and ‘Quantum Dots’ Could Make Skyscrapers Power Themselves
    • America’s Largest Solar-Panel Maker Leads the World in Panel Recycling–Recovering 95% of Materials
    • Canada is Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags, Straws, and Cutlery Next Year
    • Tasmanian devils reintroduced to mainland Australia after 3,000 years

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