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    Off The Cuff: The Current System Is A Servitude Trap

    You need to escape it to prosper
    by Adam Taggart

    Thursday, April 11, 2019, 8:43 AM


    In this week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith discuss:

    • Our Current System Is A Servitude Trap
      • You need to escape it to prosper
    • The Rich Own The Assets & The Rest Own The Debt
      • Which is why its so hard to move up socio-economically these days
    • Asset Bubbles Pevert Opportunity
      • Big lifedesicsions become much more speculative
    • The Scary Side of Facebook/Google Media Monoply
      • Private industry & the government sharing our data

    This was the podcast orginally planned to run last week, but we bumped it to rush to you the time-sensitve reveations from Art Berman regarding the Ghawar oil field depletion data.

    In *this* podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith pull back the veil covering the architecture underlying today's society, exposing how the system is designed to trap us all in servitude to the parties running it. From how we're eductated, to the options available to us with our jobs and our money, to how our own personal data is increasingly being used to manipulate us — increasingly the only way to prosper in terms of wealth and well-being is to break from convention and operate outside of the system as much as possible.

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    Tuning Into Reality

    Here's the hard data that they *don't* want you to see
    by Chris Martenson

    Friday, February 22, 2019, 5:48 PM


    Executive Summary

    • The central banks are the key players at this stage. When they fail, the system will fail.
    • How today’s Frankenmarkets are poised to collapse
    • Where we see the most convincing signs that the global economy is now falling into recession
    • Why we should expect bad times to lead to even worse decisions

    If you have not yet read Part 1: We’re Living In ‘The Groundhog Show’, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

    The reason I still get angry and frustrated from time to time is because we’re just wasting very important time and resources that really ought to be dedicated to other pursuits.

    As I watch the US electorate recklessly lurch from one emotional outrage to another, I truly wonder if this is really just the emergent outcome of how events spread virally — or if it’s not something more intentional and sinister. Is this all a program designed to keep people revved up but pointed in the wrong directions?

    So if you find yourself increasingly feeling that things are really off track, that’s probably because you’ve also been paying close attention to the news. Whether by design or default, this doesn’t speak well to our ability to rally effectively to address the many massive predicaments society faces.

    As an ex-Facebook executive said about the nefarious aspects of the social media phenomenon he helped to create, “No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth; you are being programmed.”

    That closely matches what I am seeing in the online world now. And it’s really unfortunate, because the stakes are so high. We really need to begin preparing for a very different future.

    Which is hard, if not nearly impossible to do in a fractured and polarized world such as the one that’s been emerging over the past few years.

    The central banks are at the very center of it all.  The financial markets have taken on a new significance in the world and are now one of the prime, if not the prime, signaling mechanisms used by central planners to communicate with the world.

    So it’s critical to understand that the most important factor in play is…

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by Got Credit, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily digest 7/25 – Public Pension Well Running Dry, America’s Middle Class Slowly Being ‘Wiped Out’

    by saxplayer00o1

    Wednesday, July 25, 2018, 2:43 PM

    • America’s middle class is slowly being ‘wiped out’
    • Public Pension Well Running Dry
    • Tensions Build as Looming Metro Strike Threatens to Derail D.C.
    • Union retirees fear deep cuts to their pensions
    • China's Downgrade-Free Defaults Put Focus on Rating Firms
    • Connecticut is drowning in debt. Should the rest of us have to pay?
    • INN investigation: Pension spiking still prevalent despite massive debt
    • Sears retirees ask court for retailer's remaining funds for pension deficit
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    Iconic Bestiary/Shutterstock

    I Just Added To My Short Position

    Keeping you updated on my portfolio positioning
    by Adam Taggart

    Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 6:01 PM


    Last year, I detailed out my personal investments in the report How My Portfolio Is Positioned Right Now. It turned out to be one of our most popular articles over the past few years.

    In it, I mentioned that I'll do my best to update our subscribers when I make a material change to my portfolio allocation.

    Well, I just did.

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    Why The Markets Are Overdue For A Gigantic Bust

    It's just not possible to print our way to prosperity
    by Chris Martenson

    Friday, June 9, 2017, 11:38 PM


    As much as I try, I simply cannot jump on the bandwagon that says that printing up money out of thin air has any long-term utility for an economy.

    It's just too clear to me that doing so presents plenty of dangers, due what we might call 'economic gravity': What goes up, must also come down.

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    This Is How Sentiment Shifts And Markets Crash

    Once faith in the Fed is lost, things will get ugly fast
    by Chris Martenson

    Friday, September 2, 2016, 8:47 PM


    Executive Summary The Facebook legions rip the Fed to pieces The WSJ joins in the attack?? The ‘smoking gun’ showing how the Fed’s only priority is to serve its banking masters Why a revolt against the Fed is necessary, inevitable and just If you have not yet read Part 1: Sorry Losers!, available free to…

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    The Death Of Hopium

    Tech Bubble 3.0 is in the process of bursting
    by Adam Taggart

    Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 8:48 PM


    I got my MBA at Stanford in 1999 when the dot-com bubble was at its zenith, worked for a VC-funded start-up as well as one of the biggest Internet juggernauts (Yahoo!). I lived in Palo Alto, the central core of the tech scene.

    As a result, I have a pretty good read on how Silicon Valley works. Many of the folks I worked and went to school with are now in leadership positions at the big operating companies, VC firms and hedge funds in that ecosystem now — so I have personal knowledge of who's making the decisions.

    And it's no secret that I think it's degenerated into a steaming pile of hucksterism.

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    Robert Adrian Hillman/Shutterstock

    The Erosion of Community

    We're losing the bonds that once made our society thrive
    by charleshughsmith

    Monday, February 17, 2014, 4:58 PM


    In an age which seems abundantly well-served by individualism, consumerism, the central state and global corporations, why does this erosion of community matter? After all, aren’t we doing rather splendidly despite a declining sense of community?

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    © HandmadePictures | Dreamstime.com

    Returning to the ‘Real’

    The virtual is not an adequate substitute for the authentic
    by JHK

    Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 3:34 PM


    A paradox of life in these times is the inverse relationship between technological wizardry and the satisfactions of being a live organism in a real place (i.e., on the planet Earth).  It probably boils down to a proposition that the American public is not ready to entertain: that the virtual is not an adequate substitute for the authentic. Eventually it will be a hard lesson to learn.

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    Following Us

    by Adam Taggart

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 5:45 PM


    Some exciting news: we’re going to be increasing the amount of fresh content on this site over the next few months.

    Most notably, we’re going to have more frequent in-depth reports (both public and premium) and substantially more ‘What Should I Do?’-related articles.

    Please forgive me for being a bit cryptic about the specifics at the moment. But the details will be announced here on the site soon.

    In the meantime, for those of you interested in making sure you don’t miss new articles as they’re released, I wanted to highlight your options for having our new content sent directly to you.

    • RSS (including personal homepages like MyYahoo!) – if you like to get your favorite content all in one place (via a news/RSS reader like Google Reader or a personalized homepage like MyYahoo! or iGoogle), adding our feed is easy. Simply click here and select your preferred service from the ‘Subscribe Now’ box at the top right.
    • Facebook – if you follow our Facebook page, our new posts get inserted into your personal Facebook feed as they’re released. Plus, we also push out observations daily in response to market activity and world developments, as well as notable insights Chris may have during the day.
    • Twitter – subscribing to our Twitter feed is another great way to stay current on the news and developments that Chris and I flag as noteworthy on a daily basis.
    • Email – receive a daily summary of new posts (e.g. Daily Digest, new blog and ‘What Should I Do?’ articles) in your email inbox. Click here to sign up.
    • iTunes – in response to popular demand, we’ve created an iTunes channel for subscribing to our public podcast interviews. Now it’s much easier to download our interviews onto your iPod, iPad, or mp3 player. (We’re still in the process of uploading all our past interviews to this channel, so bear with us: they should all be loaded be end-of-day tomorrow)

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