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  • Podcast

    Mark Cochrane: Climate Change, Revisited

    The latest on what science has to say
    by Adam Taggart

    Sunday, November 27, 2016, 9:27 PM


    Mark Cochrane, Professor and Senior Research Scientist at the Geospatial Science Center of Excellence at South Dakota State University, returns to the podcast after a year and a half to update us on what the latest science has to tell us on the (often controversial) topic of climate change.

    Mark has been researching the climate for over 20 years, and among his many other accomplishments, moderates what we believe to be the most level-headed, open-minded and data-centric discussion forum on climate change available on the Internet today.

    In this week's podcast, Mark updates us on the latest empirical data, separates out what science can and cannot prove today regarding climate change, and provides clarity into closely-related but less well-understood issues, such as ocean acidification.

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  • Insider
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    Ocean Acidification: An Ecological Nightmare

    A far as global crises go, it's a doozy
    by Chris Martenson

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 1:10 AM


    The oceans are facing numerous difficulties including pollution (especially from farm run off), over-fishing, and dragnet methods that ruin innumerable other things besides the targeted catch — but all of that pales in comparison to the problem of ocean acidification.

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  • Blog
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    The Obama Administration’s Natural Gas Policy Is Tragically Misguided

    Waste that will haunt future generations
    by Chris Martenson

    Thursday, May 9, 2013, 11:26 PM


    The Obama administration has come out in support of the idea of exporting U.S. natural gas.  This stance is counterproductive, short-sighted, and if followed will prove harmful to domestic manufacturing (i.e., value generation) not just now, but for future generations of Americans.

    While exporting natural gas would certainly prove to be an economic boon for a very select minority of companies and individuals, it makes no sense from an energy standpoint and undermines our national interests. All it will do is enrich a few, while boosting prices for all domestic consumers and shortchanging the energy and environmental inheritance we pass along to our children.

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by basheertome, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 4/19 – Chevron Defies CA Carbon Emissions, Why Boston’s Hospitals Were Ready

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, April 19, 2013, 2:26 PM

    • Expert: HFT Has Gamed the System – There’s No Room for Traders Anymore
    • Score: Banksters Two, Gold & Silver Zero 
    • Why Boston’s Hospitals Were Ready
    • U.S. banks issue mortgage rebate cheques that bounced
    • Full List of Bankers at White House Meeting Thursday
    • The Euro Legacy: In Greece, Children Pick Through Trash Cans For Food
    • Spain's Recession Forces Breeders To Send 70,000 Purebred Horses To Slaughterhouse in 2012
    • The Biomass Power Plant that Runs on Single Malt Whiskey
    • Engineers use brain cells to power smart grid
    • Chevron Defies California On Carbon Emissions
    • Fascinating Account Of Two Families Living Off The Grid For Two Decades

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  • Blog

    Daily Digest 11/13 – EU Financial Bailout, Cut Social Security?, End of Growth

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, November 13, 2010, 4:00 PM

    • Government Campaigns to Avoid EU Financial Bailout
    • Japan Hopes for U.S. Help in Row With China
    • Cut Social Security Benefits? Yes, Some Say
    • Price Volume Action Signals Countertrend Move in US Dollar, Gold
    • The End of Growth
    • Crude Falls on Economic Growth Fears
    • EPA Bid for Carbon-Rule Clarity Fails to Satisfy U.S. Business, Lawmakers

    Get started building resilience into your life with our ‘What Should I Do?’ guide

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    Copenhagen & Economic Growth – You Can’t Have Both

    by Chris Martenson

    Thursday, December 24, 2009, 7:31 PM


    Note:  This is most of a recent Martenson Report that I am making public after numerous requests to do so.  Normally I reserve such reports for at least several months before general release. I’ve only left off my conclusions about what this all implies about the future. One member from Germany (thank you Michael!) has translated this piece into German and that appears as a downloadable attachment at the bottom of the article.

    Preamble: I normally avoid writing on Global Warming/Climate Change as a topic for discussion because it tends to be a heated topic for many people on both sides, which can work against collaborative solutions. This article is not about global warming and/or the science behind it, and it is not my intention to discuss those ideas here.

    I want to point out that a massive discrepancy exists between the official pronouncements emerging from Copenhagen on carbon emissions and recent government actions to spur economic growth.

    Before and during Copenhagen (and after, too, we can be sure), politicians and central bankers across the globe have worked tirelessly to return the global economy to a path of growth.  We need more jobs, we are told; we need economic growth, we need more people consuming more things.  Growth is the ever-constant word on politicians’ lips.  Official actions amounting to tens of trillions of dollars speak to the fact that this is, in fact, our number-one global priority.

    But the consensus coming out of Copenhagen is that carbon emissions have to be reduced by a vast amount over the next few decades. 

    These two ideas are mutually exclusive.  You can’t have both.

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  • Blog

    Daily Digest – Apr 24

    by Davos

    Friday, April 24, 2009, 2:19 PM

    • Economics Is Interesting if You Understand it, Otherwise It Is a Snore! (Photo)
    • DON CORLEONE He will get in touch with you through someone you absolutely trust. That person will arrange a meeting, guarantee your safety…and at that meeting you will be assassinated.
    • Sources: GM to shut most US plants up to 9 weeks
    • Fewer in U.S. Move as Economy Falters (Mainstream article)
    • Housing Bust and Geographical Mobility (Blog article with chart on page)
    • Financial Pugilism and Offbeat Analysis
    • New York Times: Total Revenue Down 18.6 Percent; Debt at $1.3 Billion
    • GE exec says economic crisis resetting capitalism
    • Carbon Derivatives to Become World’s Largest Derivatives Market? (Video)
    • Max Keiser on Corruption, Derivatives, and Copyright Laws…(Video)
    • More on seeds that Max Keiser talks about (Video Scroll to 2hr&46 min point )
    • HR875 Ag. control for small farmers (Video, H/T RowMat)
    • Portfolio Cover Story on Timothy Geithner
    • Delinquencies Rising at Fannie & Freddie (Good Chart on Page)
    • Wells Fargo Made Billions On Mark-To-Market Change
    • Lewis Testified Treasury and Fed Pressed for Silence on Merrill Woes 

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