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    Special Offer – FoodBrick Containers

    Discount on all foodbrick storage containers
    by Jason

    Thursday, October 23, 2014, 3:15 PM

Foodbrick Containers – 5% Special Discount for PeakProsperity.com Readers

We are pleased to announce that PrepareDirect is offering PeakProsperity.com readers a special discount of 5% off all FoodBrick Storage Containers (this is an additional 5% off PrepareDirect's low prices). 

Click here to take advantage of this offer; use Coupon Code: PEAKBRICK5, exclusive to PeakProsperity.com readers. Click here for this offer.

Emergency food shortage is often contained in bulky and awkward storage devices, not ideal for emergency situations. You need to be able to access your survival food storage quickly, and you need to be able to take it with you if the need arises to move to a safer location. It also must keep your food supply clean; you don’t want the safety of your food compromised. For those looking for an ideal emergency food storage solution, the FoodBrick line of storage containers that are easy to transport and safely store your emergency food supply for years.

Why FoodBrick?

The FoodBrick portable storage solution, provides several benefits over other storage containers and emergency food storage solutions, including:

  • 30% Lighter – the 3.5 gallon FoodBrick container is 30% less carry weight than a conventional 5 gallon water container.
  • Easy to Transport – FoodBrick long term storage containers offer a comfortable, easy grip handle to make transporting easy if you prefer, or use as is if appropriate. They cross-stack to secure in a car or truck, or bungee cord for transport on an ATV.
  • Stackable – Other “stackable food storage” can be unstable and can easily be knocked over. FoodBrick stackable water storage containers can be stacked up to 4 feet high, and they interlock to prevent knocking over.
  • Durability – Ensure your food and provisions supply remains safe: FoodBrick containers are amongst the most durable survival storage solutions on the market. Puncture-proof and made from high-grade plastics.

The Best Portable Food & Supplies Container

Unlike 55 gallon drums, underground tanks or conventional long term food storage containers, FoodBrick is light and easy to transport. The unique design allows for unlimited storage configurations, ranging from discrete food storage to larger storage solutions, which can be customized for your needs.

Specifically, PrepareDirect is offering us:

  • A 5% discount on all FoodBrick Containers
  • Free shipping on orders over $99.00

Click here to take advantage of this offer; use Coupon Code: PEAKBRICK5, exclusive to PeakProsperity.com readers.

Click here for this offer. This offer is valid through November 15, 2014.

We hope you continue to find these offers on essential resiliency items a welcome addition to the news and other articles on the site. Please let us know your experiences and reviews of these resiliency items so we can better tailor these offers to meet the needs of our readers and membership. 



Full disclosure: Based on our existing relationship with PrepareDirect, PeakProsperity.com will receive a small commission if you purchase through this special offer. This will not impact the price you pay (in fact,as the offer states, you're getting an exclusive price discount not available to the public-at-large). The proceeds we receive will be immediately invested to fund new features and functionality for this site.

We’d also love to hear any feedback based on your first-hand experience with the products and vendors that we recommend through these special offers (and elsewhere on this site). Our goal is to ensure that we’re doing our utmost to offer the best guidance for utility, value, and service.

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  • Sat, Oct 25, 2014 - 8:41pm



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    I have some of these and they Rock!

    These are a great solution for storage of food stuff.  I have a bunch of water bricks too, and they are first rate.  I have been pleased with the ability to stack them high without worrying about them falling over.  

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