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Thriving in Any Future Seminars

Based on the material of his wildly popular Crash Course, Dr. Chris Martenson and his wife Becca present an inspiring weekend seminar that will help you understand the present economic and energy situation and make informed decisions about your future.

The convergence of an aging population, enormous debts, and peak oil ensure that the next twenty years will be completely unlike the last twenty. The Crash Course will help you cut through the confusion of contradictory information and spin and gain a clear understanding of the real causes of the current economic crisis.  Together we will explode myths, learn surprising facts, and come to understand the critical links between the economy, energy, and the environment.

We live in an economic system built on growth, but what happens when the need for growth comes up against the realities of a finite planet?  The Crash Course starts from the assertion that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a resilient future: our own vision of true prosperity.

Dr. Martenson’s background as an educator helps break down difficult concepts and make the information accessible, alive, and immediately useful.  Becca Martenson’s wisdom and experience in making these changes will help you feel confident, grounded and supported to make big transformations in your own life.

The seminar will offer groundbreaking insight, research, and instruction on the workings of our economic system and the changes to come. It will provide you with a “Crash Course Toolbox” to help you decode news and cut through the hype of the ever-bullish media. You will complete and discuss a self-assessment to help you determine your level of resilience and generate a prioritized list of actions. Most importantly, you will spend the weekend in the presence of like-minded people where you can freely speak your mind and explore your ideas and conclusions.  Past participants have said this alone has been worth the entire expense.

Please watch the entire Crash Course before the workshop.  It can be purchased or viewed online for free.

Our upcoming events include:

Rowe Seminar: Friday, March 23 – Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kripalu Seminar: Friday, June 29 – Sunday, July 1, 2012

Learn more about the seminar destinations:

Rowe Conference Center

Coming to Rowe is a pilgrimage, traveling a distance from our accustomed place to enter a sacred space, where we are transformed. Eventually we return to the turbulent world, as all pilgrims do, infused with fresh energy, courage, and love.

Nestled in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts, Rowe Conference Center offers an exceptional array of outstanding teachers and workshops in a small, intimate forum.

At Rowe, the soul-sustaining beauty of creation abounds. Come early to walk in our enchanted forest, marvel at the sights and sounds of the waterfall, and delight in the tranquility of the old millpond. Write or read by the hearth in the gathering room and watch the glow of the fire. Spend your Saturday break hiking the trails, walking the labyrinth, taking a nap, or relaxing in the sauna. After dinner, watch the sunset from the porch swing or take a walk under the beautiful starry night sky after the evening session. Hang out on Sunday afternoon after the workshop as there’s no need to hurry.

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Take a personal retreat. With Kripalu’s signature R&R retreats, you decide how to spend your days so that you can create exactly the right experience for you. Choose from a variety of experiential and educational workshops, outdoor activities, and yoga and movement classes. (See classes and activities schedule below.) Come for self-care and enjoy gentle yoga classes, introspective workshops, and solo time—including an inspirational labyrinth walk at dusk. Or jump-start your fitness routine and go hiking, learn nutrition tips, take vigorous yoga classes, and try tai chi for the first time! You can visit the whirlpool or enjoy a soothing massage.

Many people come alone, while others bring a friend or loved one. Everyone’s experience of Kripalu R&R retreats is as unique as they are (read inspiring stories about Kripalu R&R guests). We offer a rich daily schedule that allows you to do just what you want, whether it’s soul-searching, celebrating, or simply remembering who you are when you’re not absorbed by the flurry of family, work, and life. Whatever it is, you’ll return home renewed from the inside out.