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Resources From The 2018 Peak Prosperity Seminar

The 2018 Peak Prosperity annual seminar took place in Sebastopol CA from May 4-6. Throughout the event, insights and solutions from experts/partners/resources/recommended readings were highlighted. A summary of helpful links to each of these is provided below.


These are the outside experts who presented during the seminar:

Charles Hugh Smith

Richard Heinberg

Tiana Kraus (functional diagnostic nutritionist) & Dr Pat Pisenti (functional medicine)

Ryan Parker (fitness coach)

Paul Kaiser (no-till farmer)


Tony Gossner (Santa Rosa Fire Chief)


Carson & Andreas Pforsich

Michael Basta (therapist)

New Harbor Financial Advisors (Mike Preston & Justin Griffin)

Farmland LP (Craig Wichner)

Mark Rees (cryptocurrency maven)

Ron Wargo (estate law)


These are the people and companies who provided samples/tours/meals during the seminar weekend:

April Owens/The Habitat Corridor Project (native ecology landscaping)


Adam Parks/Victorian Farmstead (sustainably-raised meats)


Spirit Works (organic grain-to-glass distillery)


Zazu Kitchen (farm-to-table dining)


Woodfour Brewing Company


Crooked Goat Brewing


Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate


Screamin’ Mimi’s (handmade ice cream)


Beekind (honey & beekeeping supplies)


Sonoma Chocolatiers (handmade chocolates)


Below are links to helpful resources that were mentioned during the presentations or Q&A:


Articles on Self-Directed 401K plans and their benefits

Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy

Analysis of oil data and shale plays

Transition Towns websites/social media/resources

Global Footprint Network

Limits To Growth book

Energy and Authoritarianism article

Democracy Index

Population Media Center

East Los High TV Show (challenges facing today’s youth)

Food Storage

Water Storage

  • Waterbricks / Food Bricks – Food Storage Systems

Biohealthdiagnostics (the 401H gut test used by functional medicine practitioners)

Cellular Healing podcast

4 Seasons Farming (Elliot Colman)

CircleUp  (investing in small businesses)


Below is the list of books that were on the Knowledge Capital table, as well as additional books that participants felt *should* have been on the table: