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Whoa, Dshields!

  • Sat, Apr 16, 2011 - 04:06pm



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    Whoa, Dshields!


the democrats do not have the power to cancel elections yet.  the people of america can not ever allow them to gain that power.


Whoa, Dshields. Whoa. Let’s stop that LIE right in it’s tracks. Both parties have made claims of voter intimidation and voter caging, and both parrties have neen guilty. But it is Republicans who are the majority in recent voter suppression attempts. Read up and weep in! (Please do read. It might just change your mind.)


Let’s get back on topic here! This is about Glenn Beck mentioning hockey stick charts. Can you please just contribute to the discussion without having to add a political stabbing into the back of half the readers in this community everytime you post?

We get it that you hate Democrats and you think Republicans are the best thing since sliced bread. There’s no need to continually put down other people’s beliefs here. It does not help build community, it polarizes the discussion – just look at how America is so polarized now because people on each side demonize the other and can’t seem to be able to discuss things civilly without trying to get a partisan stabbing in edgewise. You may think you are right and they are wrong, but there are people who also think you are completely wrong and that they are right. It’s like an abortion debate or a debate on climate change.

If you want to keep talking how you talk, there’s a whole lot of political attacking going on in the comments section after every Yahoo! news article. And guess what? No one’s getting along there because attacks are all they do. That’s all they’re interested in.

For the record, I’m an Independent. I’ve voted Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, depending on who I think will do the best job.