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Where’s Dogs?


 I planted these Nardello heirloom seeds bought from Seeds of Change.

Towards the end of the summer they started to produce a lot of nice sweet seven inch long peppers with a little hit of zing to them.  I have been stuffing them with hummus and eating them for a snack.

I moved five plants inside for the winter and they have about 30 peppers on them but they have turned red while only about three inches long.  One of the plants has much smaller ones than the others.

Tonight I picked one of the small ones and just started muching int from the tip back.  It turned out to have seeds down the entire small length, unlike the long ones that only had about 3/4 inch of seeds near the top.

Well this one burned my head off.  I had to gargle with a baking soda solution to try to neutralize my throat.  It is much hotter than the little green hot peppers I buy at the store.

Any idea what happened?

The only thing I can think of is that the plant somehow genetically reverted to an ancestor that was a hot pepper that must have been crossed with a sweet pepper to add a little zing.

I did not grow any hot peppers in my garden that might have cross pollinated the Nardellos.


You need to consult our resident expert on peppers, Dogs-in-a-Pile. By the way, where’s Dogs been lately? It seems to me that he hasn’t posted in a while. Anybody heard from him lately???