Where is the Outrage on the Left?

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  • Thu, Jan 14, 2021 - 06:08am



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    Where is the Outrage on the Left?

Show me a leftist who isn’t completely brainwashed seemingly beyond repair. There are a few (Glenn Greenwald being a major example) , do you happen to know one? (I’ve never been a conservative btw.)

>Probably 25% of the left, I would label as progressives. This wing is hated by the right and particularly hated by the corporate branch of the left left.

Hated but used very effectively as useful idiots.

>The ‘far left’ is very concerned about censorship as historically the tools of the state come down first on the far left as has been done for decades already.

That’s upside down (as everything the left believes): Communism is ALL about censorship, and cannot persist without it. Truth is kryponite to every tyrant, including the few real examples of far-right governments you can point to (which does not include German national socialism or Italian fascism which was also left-wing).

Best tip I could ever give you: TURN. OFF. TV. EVERYTHING they say is lies, and far-leftism (as you are indoctrinated with in university) is even stronger, more enslaving, lies. How many deaths by socialist/communist governments are required for you to perceive them as what they always are/become?

[Why does this post get censored???? What’s the trigger????]