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  • Fri, Mar 25, 2011 - 10:55pm



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Hmm. While the fake nests seem to help elsewhere, putting up a fake nest inside a patio door doesn’t help once the wasps want to be there. Maybe it’s because the fake nest was behind glass and looks different to them. But this one wasp is sure persisent today!

So I took the faux nest down because it just seemed to rile the wasp up a bit as he were getting stuck between the screen and the glass door. Fortunately, they don’t seem to be able to come inside.

But apparently those fake nests do not work if there is an existing nest – the wasps will still go back to their nest on instinct. So you have to remove all nests in the vicinity for the fake nests to work.

I’m thinking this one wasp started building a little nest for himself in the patio door frame earlier today and he just keeps coming back to it. He’s been flying back and forth all afternoon.

Tonight I’ll go outside and spray the whole door with the toxic jet spray. 😛