Water storage

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    Water storage


I have an article that I wrote that addresses your concern to some degree. If you were to develop a system similar to mine you could also be better prepared to utilize solar PV pumping.

If you research solar pumping for way off-grid cattle watering, they always use a “pump when the sun shines” approach. Essentially your water tanks become your “battery”. You lose about 15% what energy you put into batteries. Once water is in above ground tanks you can easily pressurize your home plumbing with an inexpensive 12V RV pump.

I’ve misplaced my original calculations, but the amount of batterery I would need to pump the 400 gallons of storage I have would cost several at least a couple thousand dollars. The tanks cost less than $500.


I am working on plans to expand my system to solar direct pumping and I am now “just waiting” for the in ground pump to die so I have to do the project. 🙂