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Waste of time

  • Thu, Aug 16, 2018 - 02:28pm



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    Waste of time

Wouldn’t advise putting any more time into discussion with the “cons” group here (gyrogearloose, Michael_Rudmin, Doug, Stan Robertson). It’s simply time that you’ll never get back that is much better put to use elsewhere. Doug is a die-hard statist and utterly blinded by a misplaced sense of loyalty, gyrogearloose can’t even spell properly and perhaps Stan should stick to climate change denial given his “physics background”?

Michael_Rudmin wrote:

WTC is nothing more than the WTC. Even as you say “but…” And yes, it is nothing more — even as you say it is more.

There’s tons more to go; in the end you’ll view it as minor and unimportant– a bellweather, perhaps.

Keep telling yourself this Michael.