Want to Meet up at the OTC Conference?

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  • Fri, May 02, 2014 - 04:31am



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    Want to Meet up at the OTC Conference?

As locals know, Houston has the upcoming Offshore Technology Conference this May 5-8 which is the world’s largest oil exploration conference.  I plan to attend part of this (even though I am not in the oil business but interested in learning more about where we are in the peak oil story) and would be happy to meet up with any Houston area P.P members who might be attending.  Our region has benefited greatly from the high cost and importance of oil & gas which has provided excellent employment opportunities in Houston in the past but we also have an opportunity and responsibility to help develop the future alternative energy sources & energy efficiency.  Adam, I am wondering if our area has not yet heard the P.P. message yet (I have yet to meet a local who already knew the 3E story).  Would be good to find a core nucleus of Texans already exposed to this concept so we could band together to spread the word…but if they don’t currently exist then we will just have to get started with our neighborhood first.  Looks like NYC is likely to win the Gold Valarum (Jim H you are tough competition).  The surprising thing is that our Hurricane prone area gives us additional reasons for wanting to be resilient even we were unaware of the 3E urgency.  The Peak Oil theory was invented here by M. King Hubbert but its amazing the lack of discussion I hear about this topic in the Houston area.