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Vive la difference . . .

  • Thu, Oct 15, 2009 - 03:18am

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    Vive la difference . . .


[quote]when families go bankrupt, a great majority of wives take over……this may be because women have less of a sense of personal failure when their families go bankrupt. While men take financial failure very personally, women have a broader sense that they are caught in a trap[/quote]

Fascinating.  I love anecdotes like this.  I guess women are not just the “fairer sex” but possibly also the more holistically aware and insightful sex, and not as vulnerable to pride/shame/guilt.

Not trying to start a gender fight.  I just think it’s a beautiful example of the value of remaining open to what “the other” has to teach.   


Well, I’d say that women are certainly the more intuitive of the two . . . but men have a wonderful concrete practicality about them.  Myself, I really appreciate the differences between the sexes . . . I think of them as having starkly complementary qualities . . . I fail to understand why women want to be more like men, and men, more like women . . .  It’s like frogs learning to chirp and pigs learning to fly . . . I don’t know what I’d do without my fella to move the really heavy stuff, figure out spatial problems, build whatever my imagination designs, find lost stuff, and find our way on the trail.  And I’m quite sure that he wouldn’t have a shirt on his back if he didn’t have me to scope people out, manage the bean counting and computing for his business, keep order in our house, fix his boo-boos and generally create a nurturing environment . . . Before we met I was fiercely independent, but so much more limited in the sort of dreams that I could make happen  . . . .  Vive la difference!