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  • Wed, Jun 29, 2011 - 01:34pm


    Aaron M

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No worries at all – I never had the impression anyone here didn’t want the best.
You said:

I’m sure you feel very determined to save the lives about you at this time. But I ask you, do they have a future because of what came before them?[/quote]]

Most. Definitely.

This is going to muddy the “facts”, but it may be an important time to recognize that Standards of Living as defined by Western Culture are abscent here. So, I find it to be extremely hipocritical to say that we’re “oppressing” citizens – we’re not. We’re suppressing violent militants in the same vein as the RUF in Sierra Leone – so that the Afghan people have a shot at prosperity.
Are there ulterior motives? Almost certainly. But in general, the future they could have – education, functioning civil services, access to necessities – is not even possible under Taliban rule.

So, it’s my belief that we are doing good in general.
I think that many of the young people here would agree.