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Vegan Holiday and Shitakes

  • Fri, Apr 03, 2009 - 03:17pm

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    Vegan Holiday and Shitakes

[quote=joe2baba] stuffed mushrooms ……….shitake preffered [/quote]

The stuffed shrooms sound great. . . I’ll try that one.  I was just thinking, this morning, about the benefits of shitakes, and was planning to research whether I can grow them myself.  You probably know, from my other posts, that I’m into supplements/herbs/nutrition, especially going forward, for healthcare maintenance, and even for acute illnesses.

Oaks are indigenous here, and I have a bit of horticultural background, so I’m guessing it’s worth a try.  Of course, they’d be easy to dry and keep on hand, too.

The actual title of the cookbook I recommended:  Vegan World Fusion Cuisine.  Blossoming Lotus is the name of the restaurants (Portland and Kapaa, Hawaii) from which it emanated. Truly the best vegan cooking I’ve had, bar none.  Plenty of eastern influence, of course.