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uses for canning jars

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    uses for canning jars

Sprouting … found this cool lid at amazon that makes the job easier:

Hiding in plain view food storage: many canned foods are colorful and kinda cool looking. If, like me 🙂 you inherited an old letter sorter with 91 little openings, you can store little jars of colorful jams and jellies and hot pepper salsa right alongside some tea cups and the completed legos that just can’t be taken apart … and they fit right in.

With a gadget that fits on your foodsaver you can vacuum seal food in for longer storage – say freeze-dried fruits and veggies, that you might purchase in a #10 can and not have use for all of it at once. 

Plato: the easiest method I’ve found for making yogurt involves putting the quarts of yogurt into an ice chest filled with hot tap water … 3 quarts fit perfect in mine … and you just let it sit there for the time needed – anywhere from 4 to 12 hours – longer give a more sour yogurt.

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