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URS Corps and General Dynamics …

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    URS Corps and General Dynamics …


You’re probably right you know …

Yes, go profit from the wars raging around the world. You could make an absolute killing!!!

Invest in the rare metal elements that go into missile guidance systems. That’s surely going to pay out big time. In fact, anything remotely tethered to the materials that make up the general day to day running of the 800+ American military bases around the world – from sanitation, food, transport, communication, training – you name it, the sky is the limit!!!

I mean, after all, over half of the income taxes of the United States go toward maintaining the war machine, so why shouldn’t you get a cut in that? There’s still plenty to go around, with plenty of other people doing it, so why shouldn’t you?

URS Corp and General Dynamics – they should be your first port of call. You wouldn’t need to be in the least bit innovative – just chuck some of your money at their stocks and you’ll see your income grow!

They’re major operations are actually supported with government allocated money to the war effort, rather than investments within the States in creating non military jobs, but I mean, a present average of $1,500 billion per year – and more than half the yearly income tax of the country – is nothing to be sniffed at if the general public are too disempowered to argue with this effect, right?

Simply find out which politicians are in the pocket of what military corporations, and follow the money. You just can’t go wrong!!!!

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