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Try shooting with your IDPA rig…

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  • Sat, Nov 12, 2011 - 12:59am

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    Try shooting with your IDPA rig…

After having your skull cracked a few times with a hammer…

This one is particularly alarming for several reasons:
ZERO prefight indicators. Dude enters a subway with his son? Condition white.
Viciousness. This guy didn’t relent, didn’t even second guess his attack. Straight up PSYCHOPATH.
It’s probably premeditated. I don’t know what his motive could possibly be, but it looks like he planned this. He concealed the weapon in a bag, and had his son sit before he committed the attack. Where’d the kid go, anyway? Lookout? 

That’s the kind of situation where all you can do is supine out, work his legs and try to get bullets on him from position two…
Very eye-opening, thanks THC…