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i made three permanent trellis so that i could rotate beans, cukes, peas. they each consist of 2  8 ft 4×4's( or landscape timber which are the same size, but way cheaper) sunk down 2 ft and 8 ft apart. i bought some hog fence and had tractor and supply cut in half (8ft sections). i hung(on screw) these on the posts about a foot off the ground. in the spring or fall, i burn the dry mess off and start over.

since they are 6 ft tall, i've located them on the north side of the garden.

fire is a great time saver for clean up and cheap energy. it does alot of work in a short time. the ashes fall in place and are good for the soil.


i consider my rototiller my favoerite tool. i space rows far enough apart so that i can quickly weed down a row with it. as far as energy, i rototill my 50 x 150 garden with less than a gallon of gas….so even at $10/gal gas, it's still a deal.

then a shovel gets alot of use

my weeder tool….i bought a collinear hoe with replaceable blade from johnny's and removed the blade. i bought a stainless steel butcher knife at a dollar store , cut it to a 4 inch width, drill 2 holes and mounted it on the hoe. i have black sandy soil with no stones so this is a sharp quick way for me to weed standing up. it holds the edge a long time and does not rust.