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You have just identified a serious short coming with dehydrated foods that need to be reconstituted to eat.  All that food does you very little good if you lack a large amount of water.  You may not be able to digest it without sucking more water from your body.

Guidelines say you need a minimum of one gallon per person per day for survival, with more for high activity or high heat.  Two gallons gives you standard cooking and basic hygiene.  That’s 30 – 60 gallons per person for one month and takes up a lot of storage if you don’t have a reliable supply you can filter.  Water is very heavy to carry any distance, like 40 pounds per five gallons.  Watering holes are also a primary place of danger “in the wild”.

You can store a month’s worth of boxed and canned goods under your bed, and many are packed in water or syrup for extra liquid.  They may not last as long, but are easy to rotate.  They will also cost much less.



we have just about 2 1/2 weeks worth of can goods, + a weeks of mre’s + 20 gallons (4x5gallon) set aside for emergency only

and been rotating out the can goods (every year) and water supply (every month 2 bottles)

I was just looking for something else to add our supplies, I guess my goal is to have enough for a month for a family of 4