Trade offs

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    Trade offs

Beyond financial considerations: once you’ve purchased the home, you can start in with location-specific preperations. 

Background: my wife and I purchased a house about 2 years ago. 

We had never grown a garden before.  We have a lot of skills to develop that really can only be developed in the context of owning property.  From a purely financial standpoint, I’m sure that we will lose out when it comes to our house.  But having a garden for the second year in a row (and all the learning and trial and error that comes with that) will [hopefully] be worth it.  Sometime in the next year or two, we’re going to hopefully start raising chickens. 

If we’d rented until prices came down further, we could have saved a bunch of money, but not learned what we’ve learned so far about how to have a garden, how to preserve food, etc.