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tracker charts

  • Tue, May 06, 2014 - 07:08am



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    tracker charts


No, thats a new one on me, I've not seen this particular chart before.  It does seem to highlight an interesting pattern – its around some sort of exponential function – or is that the magic curve that happens to best fit the move higher or what?  It sure looks pretty.  🙂

If the pattern holds, then silver takes off like a scalded cat the second half of 2014, next stop: 40.  And then a straight line up to 80, where it peaks, moves sideways for a time, and then plummets again.

Assuming silver continues this astonishing two-year oscillation around this function of yours.

Armstrong always said that things move in cycles – perhaps the trick is just in finding the right one for each instrument.

I think we are in danger of having a mutual admiration society…