Tough Question

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    Tough Question

What will I miss? Lots

To be honest, I will miss TV.

I am a documentary junky

I am not ashamed to say that I will miss Sponge Bob too. Mainly because they have been many a good memory sitting with my kids on my lap watching an episode before their bedtime. We would talk about who was doing what and it was so sweet to hear their thoughts.

My kids are grown now and I hope one day to repeat this with grand children.  I bought a table top DVD burner and I have recorded at least a thousand DVD’s of good shows that we all enjoy. I hope that I can watch them using a laptop of other small portable device that can be charged via solar.

Yes, I will miss coffee, good tobacco and alike. But most of all, I hope that I will be able to surprise any grandchildren I may have with an occasional treat. I can remember the joy in my kids face when they saw their birthday cake or we made cookies and surprised them with a plate to share.  Oh, truly that is the frosting on my cake called LIFE. Surviving is one thing, living is another. Without children, I think life would be empty. They give me the purpose and strength to carry on. The potential troubles this world will be facing are almost too hard to bear. It is the hope for my children and their children that gives me the resolve to fight the fight, to keep the faith. 

In our food stash we have included cocoa and other treats. I hope that these will allow me the opportunity to suprise my grandchildren with an occational surprise treat to brighten up thier day and create memories.

These are not the only things I will miss but it is the first that comes to mind.