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Totally agree BUT . . . .

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    Totally agree BUT . . . .

Thank you for the discussion topic, I have some thoughts on this that may interest. The “BUT” part in the heading arises from the science related to the “masking effect” that aircraft vapor trails have provided. I saw a YouTube documentary about aerosol masking from vapour trails, i.e. the water vapour emitted at altitude by aircraft combining with cloud formations which increase the ‘reflectivity’ and prevent the sun’s rays from heating the planet, thereby REDUCING global warming.

Particulate matter from burning coal, wood, diesel/shipping emissions have a visible brown haze which also reflects heat away from the earth’s surface but produce severe health problems. As global efforts to “clean the air” are slowly introduced, scientists such as Michael Mann point to the increased heating which will results as the reflection is reduced.

The importance of the “masking effect” or “global dimming” was proved in the days after 9/11 when a total flight ban was imposed over the United States and temperatures increased over those 3 days by 0.6C !! I have seen recent estimates that as soon as the masking effect is removed, (pollution/vapour trails) expect as much as 1.0C heating, again within a very short time span.

“Tourism” is now a big emissions player, accounting for 8% of global emissions, (about 6 billion tCO2 – includes food) and scheduled to grow @ 5% per year. It appears that there will be a necessity for some form of geoengineering to “replace” this masking effect when the “limp” measures to challenge climate change are unveiled and prove inadequate.