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    Topics, etc.

Hi Agitating Prop

I'm not able, from this distance to say who is or might be subjugating whom in the partnerships discussed in this thread.  I didn't really hear that – just couples who really want to be together battling with the difficulties of having very different world-views.

"Routine subjugation of women…." was definitely intended to describe social arrangements of past centuries that I particularly don't want to go back to, not the partnerships of posters.  Off topic, yes.

Women not being viewed as unique individuals, well, as mentioned, that came from having listened to podcasts on other prepper websites that really trouble me.  Enough said about that on this thread.

As to curiosity about other countries – I am not being overtly subjugated here in Canada.  I enjoy historically remarkable freedoms, powers and responsibilities for a woman and really, really like it that way!

Now, back to the reluctant partner prepper theme…. I would love to hear any new insights that emerge from your work with couples in Rowe, Chris and Becca.  No doubt approaches that help couples would also help in other relationships.  That puzzle of why people can't see it….  I still feel baffled and paralyzed after 6 years.