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  • Wed, Sep 21, 2011 - 11:36am


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Good topic, falsealarm.

Hubby hopes to be a repair guy post crash. Tools are a very important part of that. Hubby is a building systems technician (fire alarm, security, HVAC, computer) and we have to duplicate the tools he would normally borrow from his company work van. The biggest expenses will be ladders and an oxy/aceteylene welding set..

You bring up a good point: if you have tools but they get stolen, what good were they? Camoflage during any unrest will be a great idea, but luckily we have a large shed. For home you simply want to have a basic toolkit but I have to stress that they must not be POWER tools and they have to be high quality. Think Sears Craftman hammers and contractor-grade everything else. Stock up on work gloves, too. . . cotton AND leather ones.

I’m concentrating on gardening tools: decent rakes and shovels and hoes and such.  A high quality hand spade and hand rake and extra lumber for a square foot garden are just as important as compost and seed. On thing we discovered is that a nice brass hose sprayer lasts nearly forever; the cheap plastic ones are not the way to go.