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That is just weird, unless it is really cold—

you can keep transplanting tomatoes into  bigger pots, burying them deeper each time—roots will grow from the stems.  You should have had leaves a long time ago.  They like warmth, and nights above 50 degrees, but as long as its above freezing you won’t kill them.  They also like strong sunlight and a lot of moisture.  If they’re just in peat they don’t have much nutrition; perhaps they need some real soil or some pearlite.  I like to start mine up on top of the refrigerator where it is warm and they are close to the florescent light. 

 Maybe you need a warmer place or a stronger light.

You could take them on field trips outside and bring them back in if its too cold at night….

Out of the different tomatoes I have started this year, I have one seed that has been really slow to get started–I think it is a plum tomato for drying.  Its growing, but not very fast.  It could be the variety of tomato. 

I’m in zone 7 and its been warm for at least a month now.  It is usually in the 80s in the day and 50s at night . All of my tomatoes have been outside for several weeks.  Just yesterday I buried them a little deeper ; they must have been about eight inches tall except for those slow ones, some even bigger than that..

This year I’m using my worm ‘fertilizer” and my plants are very happy with it.

Now what to do to keep my spinach from bolting?