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Our family has made quite a few changes in the last few weeks.

We luckily ordered our meat supply just before the earthquake. The meat butchered from local stock the week of the earthquake in Japan.

Our milk supply is now completely from powdered (food storage). No isotopes there. We are using our year supply of food to buy us time as we look to other sources, besides here in California, and by extension the US.

The reactor cores have melted down in at least three of the units. I am neither a cheerleader, nor a greenie when it comes to nuke power, but until there is a sarcophogus over the Fukushima nuclear power facility, or what remains of it, there is going to be continued leakage and contamination, no matter how small. With the longer half life isotopes, there will be a continued buildup contamination and travel through the food chain. Period, no two ways about it, and we are already seeing it.

So, for longer term food sourcing, we are moving into a much more self reliant phase. A greenhouse will supply a substantial amount of food. Well water will be dripped directly to the soil level, and primary sources of soil amendments will be potassium rich. Potassium seems to be taken up preferentially to Caeseum in most plants. I do not remember where I heard tis, or if it is even accurate, so do not quote me. Our compost pile has been covered.

The food from the greenhouse will be frozen or canned for 40 days to allow the iodine to reach safe levels, and then we will consume it. When the reactor is buried, we will be more inclined to eat fresh stuff from the greenhouse. Inside the house we are getting some sprouting jars set up for additional nutrition. The greenhouse obviously protects the plants from the overhead source of the particulate fallout.

The meat should last us for a year, more if we are carefule. We will not be supplementing with deer/ pig/ bird hunting or fishing this year. So that leaves the food storage. If there is nothing to worry about, fine. But this gives us an unparalleled opportunity to see how well we can use our stored supplies and rotate those supplies with alternative sources that are not being contaminated just yet.

Water sourcing is the only issue right now, as all of our water supplies are reliant on snow pack and runoff. We do have access to a well, but I am not sure how long it will be before the contaminants reach the water table. We may try a roof top solar distillery, but I really do not know if that will be enough to seperate the water from the isotopes effectively. It certainly will not be able to provide enough water to garden with, but should be enough for the animals, including the family.

4 kids between the ages of 3 and 13 are counting on it.

If things look to get really bad, then we will be heading to South America and learning Spanish.

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