This dragon has been slain

  • Thu, Nov 25, 2021 - 01:11pm



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    This dragon has been slain

Hi Bolltzman,

I don’t have much input on this test results, except that it does not show evidence of  several markers of prior infection.  Do you need to document prior SC2 infection for some legal purpose?

Here in the Alleghany Highlands section of rural Virginia, we are finished playing pandemic.   A high percentage of the population have had the infection already and a huge percentage had a mild cold/cough.

Vax uptake is at 42% last I heard.

Few wear masks in public places and healthcare workers only do so in places where hospital policy demands it.

I have a very high level of trust in the FLCCC type of approach to COVID.  And a certainty that the only way through this for me personally is exposure to the virus.   FLCCC type of treatment strategy prevents a severe course very well.

Thus far, I have not gotten clinically sick despite at least 100 close exposures to infected people without masks over the last 6 months.  (I work in a hospital and am around COVID cases 4 to 8 times each day.  I always remove my mask and sit close to them to talk when I know that they are COVID positive.  I invite them to remove their mask too.  We sit close and share breathing space.)

This approach started after Jim H posted a video of a doctor who developed documented immunity just through his work with sick patients but without getting  clinically sick.  I reflected on my many accidental exposures to the virus and decided to embrace the approach that I was stumbling towards accidentally.

Later I came to understand that the anti-depressant I am taking (for other reasons) was also a powerful inhibitor of COVID infection (both FIASMA which inhibits cell entry by the virus, and Sigma 1 Receptor mechanisms which greatly reduce the NF-KB triggered cytokine storm associated with COVID infection).

I came to walk towards the thing that frightened me.

For me, this dragon has been slain.

I am completely finished with this pandemic personally.   I move about without fear.