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Therapy and Counseling

  • Fri, Mar 22, 2013 - 01:37am


    Greg Snedeker

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    Therapy and Counseling


Good point.  For myself or my child, therapy and counseling is where I would start before going with chemicals (if ever), but one of the problems is that insurance companies often will not cover these options until after drugs have been tried, and even then coverage is often limited. Insurance often doesn't want to cover these options because they take more time and money, but Whitaker's books are indicating that our addiction to magic pills is costing us more, both in health and dollars. His findings, as you know, have shown that in the long run (emphasize long-run), those that never went on neuroleptics at all did better than those that did. I don't hate psychiatry, but the relationship between it and big Pharma has to be questioned in light of what's happening. Many of our youth are being put on these drugs, and my past post in regard to upping doses comes from many direct experiences as an educator. I actually questioned the administration about one of my advisees in regard to her meds. The result was to have my advisee reassigned to another advisor…message to me: don't question a doctor's authority, and if you do, the institution could potentially be sued…i.e. keep your mouth shut. The student was later withdrawn, only to be passed on to another school. This happens daily in our educational system.