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That's Brilliant Dave!

  • Mon, May 13, 2019 - 06:10am


    Chris Martenson

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    That's Brilliant Dave!

I think you’ve captured the Swamp dynamics brilliantly.  How is it possible that after spending $40 million the FBI/DOJ couldn’t land an indictment on Trump?

Good grief, there must be 40,000 pages of federal laws…surely he violated something at some time?

Meanwhile, those of us in the reality camp puzzle at spending $40M on this massive DNC CYA extravaganza while the 9/11 “”investigation”” only got $15M.

So easy to tell where and when the DC swamp cares about investigating something by the money they spend, and by the paths they take.

In this case at least as much is told by what Mueller didn’t look into as what he did.

Really?  The FBI never actually forensically examined the DNC servers at the very heart of the entire narrative and putative investigation?

That alone, right there, tells you everything you need to know about whether or not this was ever an honest inquiry meant to uncover the truth.  Nope.  It was not.