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This is pretty simple.  I am surprised people around here are having trouble with this.  Even the repubs and dems are going to have to agree.  The revenue stream generated by taxes is not sufficient to support the costs of government.  This is happening at the federal level and at the state and local levels all over America.  So, politicians have to raise taxes a fair amount or cut spending.  The people feel that 50% taxation is excessive so that only leaves cutting.  Pick your method of cutting.  Pick the unions or departments or whatever.  The bottom line is the government has to be cut.  And, it will be cut.  It is like Ron Paul said about Obamacare.  They asked him if he thought it ought to be repealed.  He thought about it for a second and he said it does not make any difference.  He said it is self repealing.  He said since it simply can not be paid for it is self repealing.  Either we repeal it through some procedure or we wait a while and it repeals itself.  Either way it gets repealed.  I think he is probably right.  And this concept is much larger than Obamacare.  It applies to everything the government does.  So, I am really not to worried about it.  Government spending will be cut substantially.  It will either be cut through some organized process or it will be cut via collapse.  Either way it gets cut.  Since WW2 statism has grown the government at all levels far beyond where it was supposed to be.  Now it is going to be cut.  It really does not make any difference if you are a repub or a dem.  It is going to get cut just the same – whether you like it or not.