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sweet potato slips

  • Thu, Dec 29, 2011 - 01:37am

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    sweet potato slips

 Yes I start them now  because we plant the first of May .    The store bought potatoes must have a sprout inhibitor on them .    I plant 48 plants  and I have many relatives and neighbors that need themas well  .  This is something you can sell at a farmers market too .   But  just this year did I learn that we need to cut back the vine to get more potato ….   I truely learn something new all the time . Now I need a notebook because I do not store things so well anymore .

 Safewrite wonderful plan for seed saving .. mine are on paperplates all over the greenhouse .  And when the grandkids came over all the pepper seeds were mixed together by " NOT ME " .    This will be an intresting summer . BTW  could we plant peanuts in boxes ?   I really could not get so cranked about digging as our soil is still quite heavy .


  OH yes ,the  Bicycle Wheel  Sock Dryer that my 12 yo made makes an excellent pepper dryer as well ! 

  Truely ,truely , the sooner we learn and can pass these things down the better .. it is a whole different life than beans and bacon from the store .  In fact there are things we had to choose to say no to volunteering to because it is time consuming learning and doing .   You will not be able to up and take a vacation just anytime you want as you are committed or had better have a friend or neighbor that will cove for you .   5 days and the weeds could take over and you are harvesting something every week once you get your timing right . 

 For now we get to try new ways to cook and eat our harvest and plan the layout and timing for next season .  I am finding that we are eating far less grains and way more meat , vegs , and fruit ….really feel much better .


 PS.  a good time to think about ordering chicks soon .   Everytime my Banties hatch a nest of  eggs or I put a batch in the incubator they are way heavy on the roosters and really feel like as long as I can order pulletsat a decent price I will be better off doing that .