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Survive and Thrive

  • Wed, Jun 01, 2011 - 03:20am


    Larry Frisa

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    Survive and Thrive


A very good question.  The type and amount of preparations one does depends on what they think the future will be like.  For me, I view it as a two phase process. The first phase is the turmoil time.  It’s when people start to panic because they realize that life can’t go on like it has been and they have to do something drastic to survive.  There will probably be a lot of shortages and civil unrest.  It’s the time we don’t want to go out much and should be prepared to stay at home for a while to avoid the dangers.  Everywhere won’t be the same but since no one knows where the hot spots will be it would be best for everyone to consider their town/city to be one of the hot spots.

The second phase, the one of long-term sustainability, is what you’re asking about.  I think things will settle down and life will be more like the great depression or post-war Europe, except that people aren’t as polite as they were a few generations ago!  And (at least in the USA) people are use to demanding and getting what they want, when they want it. This will bring a lot of conflict and hopefully be an opportunity for those of us who have prepared mentally (i.e. further down the road with the 5 stages of loss/grieving) to be leaders and build communities.  I’d love to build a community of like minded people in my neighborhood before the first phase but I don’t think it will happen until people get shocked into reality. 

I don’t have the resources to buy a farm and live off the grid.  Even if i did, I’m not convinced that would be a good idea because of the isolation of the countryside when the first phase hits.  Also, I still have a good job and if I bought a farm I’d want to do it a little further north from where I live now.   

I really don’t have a strong “action plan” for post-peak oil.  My main reason is that no one knows what life will be like then. Will major cities be destroyed like a war zone?  Will flash mobs ransack every home in my neighborhood? (Not much I can do to prepare for that.)  Will my city still have basic utilities like water and sewer?  Will Texas (where we live) succeed from the US?  (It’s the only state which legally can succeed so it is a possibility.)  What other major changes will be in effect? Marshal law?  Gas and food rationing?  No one knows so I see it hard to prepare for anything specific other than having a garden, some chickens and possibly solar panels to reduce the high cost of food and energy.  When that time comes I will put my faith in: (1) God to provide strength, a support network and opportunities, (2) the possibility to be a leader and bring others in the neighborhood together, (3) my ability to think “out of the box” and come up with ideas for new business opportunities, (4) my knowledge of how things work so I can repair and build needed items.   

I think a correct mindset is a VERY important part of anyone’s preparation for the future.  Thinking about the future and coming to terms with what will happen puts you way ahead of others.   Deal with the denial, anger, bargaining and depression now so you’ll accept the future, whatever it is.

One thing I keep reminding myself.  Even in the great depression when there was 30% unemployment, there were still 70% who were employed.  Accept our new future, be a leader and build a community wherever you live.  Together we will survive and thrive.