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  • Thu, Aug 11, 2011 - 02:42pm



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I thought that as well. Whomever was going to get elected would inherit a mess and the powers that be would not allow them to truly take the helm. Both McCain and Obama supported TARP. Both would have been heavily influenced by Wall Street and corporations. Both would have named officials sympathetic to Wall Street and kept Bernanke. As soon as I heard Geithner and Summers were involved, I knew it was going to be more of the same.



 When my daughter and I were watching the Democratic convention tnree years ago, we were saying that  whoever won the eledtion would probably not make it through to a second term.  There were signs then that hard times were coming.  The economic crisis was on the horizon, and Bush of course was denying its existance.  If I remember correctly, aside from Ron Paul, Obama was the only candidate to even see it coming.

Now that was before I saw the Crash Course, but even then I was wondering why people couldn’t see it….

In the last week I have heard aquaintances comment on things that have been on this forum for a long time.  Before, they would listen to me and give the "whatever" shrug.