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Start at home!

  • Wed, Oct 01, 2008 - 01:52pm



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    Start at home!

Here’s the deal folks: "You can’t change the (whole) world!"Now let me expound on that statement.

Notice that I inserted the word "whole" in the statement. What you DO control, and what we all CAN control and change, is OUR OWN WORLD. Start at home, with your family, and your friends. That becomes your children’s friends, and their families. That becomes your community, etc, etc. Talking a big game on a website isn’t the answer, but talking the game beyond it is.

Chris, get the damn crash course finished up! I can’t take much more waiting (LOL)!

DVD’s of the course, films like "Zeitgeist" and others that force us to look at ourselves and our environment differently are the paths to real change. I live in a small town and the opportunity to get the message out may be a little easier here. There’s discussion of showing the Crash Course as a town offering open to the public, and continuing with programs such as that in the future. We already offer gardening programs, alternative fuel use, and the promoting of local business. The message here is simply this: You won’t change anything if you don’t ever start.

Good luck to everyone who who wants it better for next generation!