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    St. Paul Mercantile Is Back Online at

Hey, everybody.  This is John from St. Paul Mercantile.  I haven’t been on the forum for the past year and a half, but given the way events are happening around the world, I thought it was about time to start reading the Daily Digests again.  I still sell the Doulton ceramic water filters, as well as the Aqua Cera plastic-body filters.  Chris talks about these in his “water” section of “What Should I Do”, and he includes links to my website.  Do use his links (or the links in my emails), as they contain a code that tells me that the customer came from, and then Chris gets a commission on your purchase to help keep the website funded.

Supply of water filters has been hit and miss over the past couple of years.  Understand that ceramic candles (the filtering elements used in the water filters) are made by a fairly small company in England.  They are able to keep up with “normal” demand, but when there is a world event, such as the earthquake in Haiti two years ago, then the Japan earthquake/tsunami this year, demand for ceramic candles can go up 20-fold.  That leads to an immediate sell-out in the US, then several months of waiting for new inventory to arrive in the US. 

I am here to answer questions that you might have about water filters, water storage, etc.  I also carry a full line of kerosene stoves, plus an oven that works on the kerosene stoves, kerosene lanterns, emergency radios and flashlights, a Sun Oven, heirloom survival seeds, and other emergency preparedness supplies.  This link will take  you to the Family Preparedness part of the website, and the link includes Chris’s Affiliate code:

Feel free to email me through this thread, or privately, with any questions you might have about food, water, cooking, etc.  I’ve been doing this since 1998.  It’s good to be active again on this site, as there are lots of people contributing information every day.  Every time I log on, I learn something new.