“Some drugs are so

  • Tue, Nov 29, 2011 - 07:36pm

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    “Some drugs are so

"Some drugs are so overwhelmingly powerful that they remove a persons free will and therefore their liberty IMO"

You mean like cigarettes?  They are considered either one of the most, or THE most, addictive drug, depending on those data you chose.  And yet most people that try them are able to resist becoming an addict, like every other drug.

The "drug" issue is filled with disinformation.  Before coming to any conclusions, you should try to discern the facts, as best as possible.  The war on drugs is immensely profitable, on both sides, so there is a strong economic incentive to propagandize.

Whenever you vote on a law, what you are really doing is telling the government  "I want to pay you to send large armed men to my neighbor’s house to _______."  If your purpose is to suppress theft, rape, murder, that’s a noble cause.  But when the action you pay them to take is regulating another person’s personal life, you are treading very dangerous ground. 

Remember, it wasn’t long ago that we had laws dictating people’s sexual behavior, too.

Personally, I find other telling other people what to do with their lives presumptious, rude, and just a little self-righteous.