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seed saving

  • Mon, Jul 04, 2011 - 08:29am



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    seed saving

Just last month I had a relative who at least “got it” enough to move out of a populous area remark that they would just plant the lawn if things got back. With what? If there is a shortage they had no seed.

Totally adree Safewrite.

I’ve been growing veg for a few years now and it is really hard work but very enjoyable. Lately I started to think about where I buy my seed and what if it can’t be bought? I can’t grow anything! thats alarming to me.

So my new plan is to start seed saving. I’m reading up on it at the moment and it seems fairly straight forward but you need to be organised and committed. I think we need as many people as possible to start saving seeds otherwise we will all soon rely on hybrid seeds from catalogues, and if  the S.H.T.F can we still get these seeds?

The way we live today is so vunerable to change and we have got far to distant from food production. It’s time to step back. I wish I could spend all my time re-skilling myself but this damn day job gets in the way!