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Salsa recipe plea and a question for NMNJGirl….

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  • Sat, May 23, 2009 - 06:54pm

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    Salsa recipe plea and a question for NMNJGirl….

okay jeff, you can not show a bowl of salsa that looks that great without sharing a recipe!

NMNJgirl, welcome and I can’t wait to hear more about what you’re growing. What did you end up narrowing your crop list down to? We’re growing at about 5,000 feet on the Front Range in Colo.

Food storage has been high on my list to learn more about of late. This summer I’m going to experiment with it in greater detail (after a successful first canning last fall of grape jam I made from a friend’s neglected grape vines). You’ve probably found her already, but if you haven’t,  Sharon Astyk has an incredible blog on preparing for a changing world and she’s currently teaching an online food storage class. Though it’s not part of the class, as far as I know, her posts of late have been about food storage and you can search her posts by topic as well on a sidebar.

I keep taking pictures of my gardens, getting stymied on the uploading (can’t find a program on my computer that will let me reduce the size of the photos) and by the time I try again, the photos are out of date. I’ve just dug up a mess of perennial herbs and flowers from a friends garden and I’m building an herb spiral bed (outside the chicken coop, which may be a mistake, I can imagine the girls salivating over it as they wait to be released and heading straight for it. I may have to put some perimeter fencing up…)

I’m still frantically trying to dig beds and find places to tuck in the seedlings I’ve started. I’m laughing at my husband and I standing around in early spring, looking at the beds we dug and saying, "that’ll be plenty for us to grow in this year"!

I’ve got potatoes growing five different ways — a long trench in the ground, short trenches under our hooped bed (which is now open, unless a hailstorm threatens) and in 3 vertical bins — one my former vermiculture bin, a blue plastic storage bin with eight million holes drilled through it and tilted slightly towards the sun, a hoop of fencing with chickenwire on the inside to hold in the mulch substrate, and what was our compost pile, a square of 1×1 oak lengths a neighbor gave us, which my husband drilled holes in and then threaded alternately onto a length of round metal bar about 1/4 inch in diameter at each of the four corners. (I’ll try to figure out the photos thing soon, it’s easier than trying to describe it!)

Our greens beds are roaring, our tomatoes and peppers are mostly in the ground, the sugar snaps are happy, the corn is sprouting, the onions look great, the strawberries are producing and we’re in a pitched battle with the robins for them (the bed I covered with row plastic starting in feb is producing, our other bed is still just flowering and setting fruit). I think the raspberries are doing well, but I’m not sure if I should have pruned back each plant to just a handful of canes. Oh well, it’s all an experiment. I’ll let them bush out this year and if we don’t get a decent yield, I’ll try something different next year. My next project is to plant to cuke seedlings in an old, clear plastic storage bin or two with the bottoms cut out and train them up some cattle fencing we have. (I’m running out of wood for raised beds and am trying to get creative.)

Still want to put in more zukes, rocky ford melons, watermelons (an experiment for the kids, more than anything), more leeks, more greens, and get some cauliflowers started for summer planting out…