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I was on peak oil forum and started a thread about living a  rural life. Most of the people on the forum were trying to get enough money together to buy a farm and live a simple life free from the constraints of suburbia and safe from the catastrophe of a postCarbon world.

Nearly all the people who responded to the thread  said they bitterly regretted their farm and that they spent so much money on gasoline.  Their financial situation at the time of purchase dictated how close they could live to civilization (not very close)   A friend of a friend bought a couple hundred acres of hardscrabble land in lieu of ten acres down hill  that had access to much more water and richer soil.  The ten acres would have been a much wiser choice  In fact, 5 acres would have provided a higher yield. Depending on land quality, an acre or 2, near a small town makes more sense, for the majority of people  

The other thing I have found out from personal experience is the farther you live out in the woods, the more “interesting” people become.  Artistic, yes, literary, sometimes — eccentric often.  That’s one side of the coin, the other is marginal anti social mean spirited types —  Y’all saw Deliverance, right ?