Investing in precious metals 101


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I would encourage you to consider Rowe. It will be an energizing experience and I know it is now more focused on making personal changes than when I went in 2008. The vegetarian food (though I am not a vegetarian) was quite good. Suggestion…bring warm clothing.

When I came back I was so energized that my uninterested and disparaging wife (“Chris Martenson is a doomsday nut and forming a cult”) told me to leave and to go live on an organic farm. It’s tempting to jokingly say that things have gone downhill from there but, truthfully, I have given up. It’s too late in the game for me to make the kind of changes I might have 40 or even, perhaps, 10 years ago. There are many more options for younger and healthier folks than for 60-somethings looking at Social Security. I’m placing an inertial bet that I croak before TSHTF to a degree that I’m not prepared for.