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Rocket conversion

  • Thu, Mar 13, 2014 - 06:56pm


    Dutch John

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    Rocket conversion

Heating with wood for 15 years now. Cooking for 2 years. Both wood burner and range cooker have a batch rocket conversion. Results in a very clean burn. Noisy though. I have never swept both chimneys, but they do get an annual inspection. Note that I only use very dry wood.

We still have central heating for the bathroom, waterbed and domestic hot water. I hope to have the water also heated on wood next winter, so the central heating can function as a backup.

Annual wood consumption about 10 m3. Small living quarters.

A hint when building a RMH indoors: do not use the common open fire chamber. Smoke, or worse: carbonmonoxide can blow back. Better to build the so called batch rocket. On this forum it can be found:

Regards, DJ